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JDC Show Choir

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Welcome to the JDC Show Choir Program!


The Show Choir Program was created to fill a need in the community. While many schools in the area offer choir groups, musicals, and plays, none offer a true, legitimate Show Choir program.


Throughout my teaching career, and especially after programs like "Glee" and "The Sing Off" brought the Show Choir concept to the mainstream, I have often been asked by students if I would start something similar to what they were seeing on television, aka a Show Choir Program. Now I can say "Yes! Here it is!" Show Choir programs are very popular in the Midwest and Southern areas of the United States (including in middle schools, high schools, and college programs with Scholarship opportunities), so I am beyond excited to bring Show Choir to the Capital District!


In time we will travel to competitions and various other events for performance opportunities, but for now, let's focus on building the program! The talent in the Capital District area is second to none, and I cannot wait to get started.



What is Show Choir?


 Show Choir is mainly about singing, but adds a dance element to the performance of each song with choreography and movement for visual appeal. When done well, Show Choir definitely "Wows the Crowd", which is why it is such a good fit with JDC! Show Choir covers every era and genre of music, including but not limited to Classical music, modern Jazz and classic Jazz standards, Hip Hop, Pop, Gospel, Americana, World music, and Broadway show tunes. A show choir is meant to enhance the performer’s level of musicianship, expand their performance repertoire, and provide a higher level of performance experience for both the performer and the audience. Show choir is definitely not about sitting in a chair, or standing still on a riser and singing, it's about making the music come alive through voice and body!


The Show Choir Program at JDC will consist of 3 groups-

"JDC Elites: City Lights", JDC Stars" and "JDC Junior Stars".


Students will be placed in the appropriate group based on three factors-

their age, ability, and previous stage, singing, and dancing experience. 


As the Show Choir Program grows, there will be additional large group opportunities, as well as opportunities for students to grow as performers through solos, duets, trios, and quartet groups.


Why participate?


-Show Choir strengthens the skills needed for public speaking, stage plays and musicals, and any other performance that happens on a stage or in front of people.


-Show Choir is gentler on the psyche- it allows more time for a student to grow as a performer, and at their own pace, without the rigorous, abbreviated schedule of a musical or play.


-Show Choir encourages social interaction with peers in a positive setting, and strengthens and reinforces teamwork skills.


-Show Choir is many things, but most of all it is about having fun while learning.


Study after study shows that students who participate in the music based performing arts are better in math, reading, and science, have higher self-esteem, are more self-confident in social situations, and are higher achievers overall when compared to the peers who do not incorporate music performance into their life.



I am very excited to offer this new, unique opportunity to all of the talented musicians and performers of the Capital District! For more information on my background as a teacher, performer, and musician, please visit our faculty page. I can't wait to see you at auditions!


-Carrie Jackson


This could be YOU!!

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Carrie Jackson

Show Choir Program Instructor

Carrie was officially bit by the performing bug in 5th grade, and has not stopped singing, acting, and dancing since. Her performing resume includes more than 30 shows on stage and participation in numerous performing groups, including Show Choirs.


Today, Carrie is a classically trained vocalist, specializing in sacred texts, Italian opera, and Jazz, but her first love will always be singing, dancing and acting out a Broadway show tune!  Carrie holds an A.S. in Music Performance- Voice, a B. S. in Music Education- Choral K-12, and a Master’s Degree in Education K-12. She is a New York State Permanently Certified Teacher, and before choosing to stay home with her children she spent 13 years as a music teacher in the North Colonie Central School District, teaching Kindergarten General Music,  5th grade instrumental music lessons, 7th and 8th grade Chorus and General Music classes, high school Music Theory, and Music in Our Lives.


While at North Colonie, Carrie produced, choreographed, and directed numerous musicals, and was the Director of the Shaker High School Musical for 8 years, including West Side Story, The Music Man, and Fame. Carrie is known in the theatre and music community for the advanced level of performance that her students achieve while under her direction.


Her high standards have led to guest conducting and adjudicating opportunities, and the honor of being named “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers”. Carrie is thrilled to have an opportunity to continue her teaching career at JDC, where she can inspire students to become confident performers, work as a team, and above all develop a lifelong passion and appreciation for the performing arts.  


Reach high!

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