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To have the opportunity to join JDC Show Choir you will sign up for an audition time slot using the link below.


Please read through all of this information BEFORE signing up for an audition time slot!


 -You will sign up for a 5 minute time slot, but your audition will last one hour.

- Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition time to fill out your information sheet,

at this time you will hand in your resume (if you have one), and your headshot.


-Please come to your audition prepared!!!!


You will need to bring the following to your audition:


1. A headshot


A wallet size school picture is fine. If you do not have a headshot of some kind to provide, we will ask permission to take a photo of you. We will be auditioning a ton of students. We want to remember you!

So we need a photo to attach to your audition form.


2. A performing resume.


This is not mandatory, but if you have one we want to see your past performance experience and what your experiences are in the past.


3. Comfortable clothes.


You will be learning a short dance as part of your audition. Dance clothes, sweatpants and t-shirt, jeans and a t-shirt are all fine. Just make sure you can move comfortably and without restrictions.


4. Comfortable shoes- again, for the dance portion of the audition.


Character shoes are great if you have them, but sneakers, dress shoes for the guys, flats for the girls are all acceptable foot attire. No boots, and no heels higher than character shoe height, please.


5.  Your best YOU!

You only have one chance to WOW! us, so bring your smile and your confidence!


Demonstrate that you are responsible- show up on time.  During your audition, be polite, be respectful, and be willing to work hard. Show choir is a team sport. The best singing voice in the world means nothing if you aren't a team player who is willing to do the work with a positive attitude.



As stated above, your audition will take a full hour, and will consist of 3 parts:


PART ONE: Your singing audition.

Come prepared to sing a song of your choice. You can either sing a capella, or bring a karaoke style CD to sing along with. We will provide the CD player.

Most likely, you will not sing the whole song. We will stop you when we have heard what you can do.

You will also be asked to sing along with the Director. This is to see if you can match pitch with another singer.


PART TWO: Your speaking audition.

You will be asked to speak/recite a short passage of our choice.

We are looking for enthusiasm, facial expression, voice projection, and good stage presence.


PART THREE: Your dance audition.

With a group of other auditionees, you will learn a short dance break as taught by an instructor. You will then perform the dance break with the whole group, or in small groups of two or three, as the instructor watches. You do not have to be a trained dancer!!! For many, the dance portion of the audition is the most intimidating. Don't worry! We are looking to see how quickly you catch on and can learn a dance, and how you move in general.


We are not looking for perfection.

If you are someone who has auditioned for a musical before, this audition process will be very familiar to you. If you have not auditioned for a musical before, this will be all new, but that's OK! It is definitely something you can achieve!


We will announce the names of the participants during the week of January 27th 2014.


Again, we are not looking for perfection, we are looking for potential.

We can't wait to see you at your audition!!


All auditions will be taking place at 326 Rowland Street Ballston Spa NY 12020


If you have any questions, please email Carrie Jackson at

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